Is it ok pediasure r junior horlicks for 1yr baby - Dont give before age 2... there is similar product from amway which can be given after 9 mnths - You can give Junior Horlicks Stage 1 Helps Better Digestion. can i give my 1 year old horlicks ... its better to give him 'junior Horlicks' which is specially made for ... What can i mix in milk for 1 year old baby? I live in india. Toddlers. Women. Buy Junior Horlicks Stage 1 (2-3 years) Health & Nutrition drink - 500 g Pet Jar (Original flavor) online at low price in India on ... Can I give pedicure to my 16 months old baby? the cornflakes i give is enriched with iron but its nonfat so is it ok to give to a 11months old baby ... give cornflakes for a 11months old baby? But im sure its ok Horlicks u shouldn't give under 1 but pretty sure ovaltine is ok. Horlicks. I give plain milk with sugar to my daughter once a day and for the second time Complan or junior horlicks. Junior horlicks health drink: since 2 ... As your child is 1 year old, you can start to give Junior ... which is marketed for baby above 6 years old. Best Answer: Your baby is still too young to be given Junior Horlicks. It contains DHA and choline for brain development The baby is one year old. Online Doctor Chat - Is Junior Horlicks advisable for a 1 year old child? Buy Junior Horlicks 1-2-3 Stage 1 For Height, Weight & Brain Development of Growing Children. Protein+. ... Horlicks Original. Like junior Horlicks,complane can I give to my baby. Is it advisible to give Pedia sure or Junior horlicks for baby. Babies over 1 year old can share family dishes ... cut it into pieces and mix it with rice for your baby. Horlicks 3-in-1. Power Packed For Growth. Why Mums Choose Junior Horlicks. As Horlicks is mixed with milk baby ... very tasty to drink and drink name is Junior Horlicks. Online doctor patient chat conversation by Dr. Vaishalee Punj It's been found that children under five years of age are particularly vulnerable of poor nutrition. Can we give junior horlicks to kids below 1 yr i.e 10 mths old baby My son he is 10 mths old. my milk is not sufficient for him.Off late has stopped drinking milk. ... just about anything is fine for a one year old. Buy Junior Horlicks Stage 1 (2-3 years) Health & Nutrition drink - 500 g Pet Jar (Original flavor) online at low price in India on When should start Pediasure or 'Junior Horlics' etc ... Can we add Pediasure or 'Junior Horlics' etc. Is it ok to give cornflakes for a 11months old baby? I've just read about someone who is giving their baby horlicks in their night time bottle, in the hope that she sleeps better. Junior Horlicks is tailor made nutrition for Growth and Development of Toddlers and Pre-Schoolers. is it harmful for 1 year baby if i gave junior horlick to her. Night Time drinks ...Ovaltine, Horlicks etc ... How old is he hun? Learn about the ingredients and benefits of Horlicks. Is this right age for giving jr Horlicks to one yr old baby . Asked 1 day ago ... when she was 1.5 years old as a supplement. Junior Horlicks is for toddlers who are fussy eaters and don't get the right nutrition. i have a 14 month old baby.