Those using netbooks really do not need a CD or a DVD drive and removing such a drive meant that netbooks could be made lighter and smaller. Left untreated, such pain can develop into a condition known as carpal tunnel syndrome. A laptop and a notebook are usually used for the same thing, but you could differentiate by saying that ("desktop") notebooks are bigger and have more power than laptops. So what is the difference between laptop and netbook? [b]Question:[/b] What's the difference between Netbooks and notebooks? Currently, it appears that the laptop provides better speed for people interested in knowing how the three measure up in this regard. New mini laptops are expected to sell in the region of 5.2 million units by the end of 2008, 8 million during 2009 and up to 50 million by 2012 - What's The Difference Between Laptop and Notebook Computers? This means you don't need to take a TV, DVD Player, Hi Fi or console with you when you go to Uni, just a laptop. Users who plan to type for long periods of time may wish to consider a larger netbook or a laptop. Can be powerful enough to handle difficult tasks. They are hinged together and open up to reveal a screen and a connected keyboard. Laptop / Notebook The term's laptop and notebook are generally interchangable. As indicated by the other answers, a netbook is usually no more than 11 inches in size and will not weigh more than 2 or 3 pounds. On the other hand, notebooks were developed with the ability to handle most desktop operations. Such as email, the internet, light processing, or travel. Laptop, Notebook, Netbook, Tablet PC, Mini PC - How Are They Different?Laptop A mobile computer with a full-sized keyboard, flip-up monitor and space. Laptops can easily be carried in a case or bag, while a desktop is typically set up on a desk, table or counter with the intention that it stay there for use. Generally, a laptops size is referred to in terms of its screen size, which is measured diagonally from corner to corner of the actual screen, not including the exterior casing. Typing Speed: One of the areas that provide great differences in the functions of iPad, Laptop and Notebook is that of typing. The functionality of laptop, desktop and netbook are the same. Choosing whether you need a netbook or a laptop should really be based on your requirements. Netbooks were designed to offer the basic computing functionalities in a smaller, lightweight, more portable device. Laptops feature an optical disc drive, which means that they can play CDs or DVDs. Netbooks were primarily designed for internet-related activities and tasks, such as email and social media. Laptop, Notebook, Netbook, Tablet PC, Mini PC - How Are They Different?Laptop A mobile computer with a full-sized keyboard, flip-up monitor and space. Traditionally they refer to any type of portable computer. (3 to12 pounds) A netbook weighs between 0.9 Kg to 1.4 Kg. Laptops . The difference between netbook and laptop is the size. Laptops, on the other hand, are portable computers that had all or most of the features of the desktop PC, but were small enough to fit on your lap. Since netbooks are smaller in size, they do not come with any in-built CD drive.

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